Aweber Email Marketing Review

In this Aweber email marketing review, I look at one of the most popular options for creating and distributing HTML e-newsletters in detail. Continue reading for a thorough analysis of Aweber’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as a review of its price, features, templates, UI, and more.

By the conclusion of this article, you’ll know whether Aweber is the finest email marketing solution for your company and what the best alternatives are.

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What is Aweber?

Aweber is one of the most popular and oldest web-based email marketing software solutions available. Aweber integrates seamlessly with your existing website, allowing you to create and distribute HTML-based email newsletters with the click of a button. The software integrates with many other useful applications like WordPress and Google Analytics, so it’s more than just a simple email publishing tool.

Aweber delivers high-volume newsletters at a reasonable price. Aweber is particularly well-suited to growing businesses. Many small and mid-sized businesses use Aweber to manage their newsletters and sales. Many even use it to develop entire sites. Aweber is a set of web tools that help you create, schedule, send, and optimize your e-newsletters, as well as build online forms and landing pages. The platform is offered in three different versions: Aweber, Aweber Plus, and Aweber Premium. Each platform has its own strengths and limitations and should be evaluated on its own.

Why should you use Aweber? Aweber has a huge community of users and businesses worldwide.

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Advantages of using Aweber

The first advantage of using AWeber is that it is fully customizable. Aweber’s templates are beautiful, easy to manage, and customizable by the user, giving users far more options than any other newsletter provider. Aweber is also easy to install.

If you have an existing e-mail server, it is able to monitor and manage your email addresses, which saves you the hassle of configuring any additional software. Aweber does not require any third-party software or plugins. Of course, Aweber also has a solid performance.

Although MailChimp is often touted as the reigning king of HTML e-newsletter solutions, there’s no denying that Aweber has a number of advantages. Aweber currently takes about 5 percent more sign-ups when the site has more traffic than Aweber’s average. However, it’s still far behind MailChimp’s 16.88 percent and Constant Contact’s 15.49 percent, in case you were wondering. Superior options for managing the workflow, even for non-coders.

Aweber is one of the most widely-used, and seemingly most flexible, options available when it comes to creating and delivering HTML e-newsletters. It’s the most popular option for the kind of e-newsletter we’re examining. MailChimp, another popular e-newsletter service, was the second-most popular when we last looked at this comparison in October 2016, but Aweber has since grown its market share in many industries. Aweber also offers access to MailChimp’s various service tiers. Aweber’s free plan gives you one person per user, and you can add up to five new users.

Disadvantages of using Aweber

While this option is great for anyone who doesn’t want to learn a more complex solution, it has certain disadvantages. Aweber is not easy to configure for larger campaigns, and it can be hard to navigate, too. Aweber is great for standard single-site campaigns, but it is expensive.

Aweber is complicated, so you’ll want to have some help learning it. Not as flexible as other solutions, so this may limit how many newsletters you can create per day. Aweber’s templates are not as customizable as other platforms. Aweber’s templates are difficult to test on an iPad. Aweber’s lifetime search limit of 1 million emails is very expensive.

As with any email platform, there are many disadvantages to using Aweber. Here are some of the key points. You don’t get the opportunity to use your own layout to craft an attractive newsletter or landing page. You’re stuck with Aweber’s default templates for a great deal of functionality. It’s also an issue of scale; some customers may feel cramped using Aweber’s templates when they could be building things with their own preferred layout. Many features are buried in an obscure area of the interface. The Live Query Console and other developer tools are hidden behind a long-winded interface in the UX area. They’re buried in settings and APIs and it’s a complex process to access the most basic of functions.

Aweber pricing

One of Aweber’s greatest advantages is its low price, especially considering that it offers some of the industry’s most comprehensive features. The annual plan is the baseline plan and has been Aweber’s entry-level plan for many years. The $49-per-month Standard plan gives you about 75 email subscribers, but you can upgrade to the $69-per-month Premium plan and receive more than 500 subscribers and more than 2,000 emails sent each day.

The company offers packages that cost less than $30 per month (Eloquii’s package, for example). However, most of the packages cost thousands of dollars each, which makes Aweber a better choice for medium-sized businesses or bigger businesses with a substantial user base.

Aweber provides three different pricing plans, but prices them differently: Aweber One – a free, web-based, RESTful web service. Aweber Premium – a custom software solution for e-mail marketing for one to 25 contacts. Aweber Pro – a custom software solution for e-mail marketing for 100+ contacts. Aweber even offers an enterprise option for businesses that exceed the number of contacts on the above options.

Aweber’s price for two emails to each recipient is $9.95 per month, billed annually or monthly. For an additional $100 per month, you can also have unlimited emails sent. Aweber offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and has a responsive, mobile-friendly website to encourage signups.

How does Aweber’s pricing compare to that of its competitors?

AWeber Free gives you access to all the powerfully simple key features you’ll need to build awesome, long-term relationships with your audience of up to 500 subscribers. It also includes full access to its award-winning, industry-leading Customer Solutions team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you be more successful, more quickly with your email marketing.

With AWeber Pro, you can unlock more advanced features, such as advanced behavioral automation, advanced analytics, split testing, or eCommerce solutions.

Aweber is a good product that is priced comparable with its competitors. Aweber is, in general, significantly cheaper than Campaign Monitor, considerably cheaper than iContact, roughly the same price as Mailchimp, marginally more expensive than Getresponse, considerably more expensive than Mad Mimi (note that Mad Mimi’s feature set is much more basic, however). In some cases of course we are comparing apples with oranges, however — all these competing products have different feature sets on each plan, and subscriber limits that will occasionally make Aweber cheaper, occasionally more expensive.

Aweber’s inclusion of unsubscribed contacts as billable also distorts the picture a bit. But in general, I’d say that Aweber is priced roughly in the middle of the email marketing tool spectrum. Of course, pricing is not the only factor you should base your decision on…the more important thing to work out is what bang you get for your buck.

Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through one of the links, I may make a commission.

Key features of Aweber

Aweber provides a wide range of features and functionalities for you to create the HTML e-newsletters of your dreams. If you’re starting a newsletter, there’s a one-time setup fee of $35, after which you’ll be given 15 Free Pages and 1 User for Life. This is enough to create your first 5,000 emails without the need for any further service. The included templates include a text, a list of subscribers, and a small headline for your subscriber copy. Aweber also includes a dynamic AJAX-powered interactive inbox that works on all devices, a really useful tool for creating interactive e-newsletters. The templates will allow you to link in a separate text snippet, which will allow you to add the subscriber’s mobile phone number or email address into their emails.

This is one of the main reasons why you should consider Aweber for your marketing. Not only does it enable you to create your own signature HTML e-newsletter, but it can be used with multiple email marketing platforms, as well as a few plugins.

It offers the following benefits: HTML email templates, An email signature, A URL shortener, Email hosting, Manual email campaign creation, Printing functionality, Custom scripts, Self-hosted campaigns, OpenGraph, MailChimp, MailFyser, Marketo, Addon manager, PrestaShop integration, Full UI customization, Command line client, and Aweber Email Domain Builder.

The Aweber Email Domain Builder gives you full control of which email service your mailing list comes from. You can assign an email domain to your new mailing list as well.

Aweber Templates

One of the primary advantages of Aweber, and of any decent email marketing solution, is a huge selection of templates to choose from. For many emailers, the use of an entire collection of templates is the standard. Aweber does offer several different collections of templates but its default collection is mighty impressive. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend looking at the simplest templates first and trying them out. You can then expand on them later. Whenever I begin reviewing an email marketing system, I always start by going through the templates. These are usually the first items you see when you log in and are what most people click on the first time they check out.

Aweber offers several templates for designing your newsletter. The most popular one is the one on the left. You may not know that Aweber’s creative team can help you in creating an exceptional marketing campaign for your business. You can reach out to the team for assistance but bear in mind that these templates may not match the style of your website or the content you have on it. Aweber Templates are not any easier to use than the competition’s, but they do offer a bit more power. As you’ll see, Aweber does a better job here than any other service we’ve reviewed, but it’s still not perfect.

AWeber’s IU

The sole goal of the Personal Info Pages of your Aweber account is to store login information. As such, the personal information page is mostly an annoying place to pass through before getting to the welcome screen. In addition, this information is not protected by security codes. The end-user is free to hack this page and abuse your e-commerce store in any way they see fit. At its most basic level, the Aweber personal information page consists of four columns: home, email, blog, and store. The first three columns are accessible via the toolbar button along the top of your email signature and/or by clicking a link next to the URL in your welcome message. The store’s information is listed underneath the store section. Aweber is perhaps best known for its intuitive UIA (Uniform Inline Image) and LSA (Square Link Element) workflows. In fact, it is arguably the most popular ESP on the market for making these types of connections. That’s a big reason why I consider Aweber to be the most comprehensive solution available for creating and promoting HTML e-newsletters.

AWeber Responsive email designs

Aweber offers three desktop versions and three mobile versions of its software. These all work almost identically, with the exceptions of some in-built CSS animations and overall customization options. Their website is organized into sections: Serve subscribers: This section details all the e-mail functions that the software offers, along with any compatibility issues. Newsletter creation: This is where the company can add form elements (boxes, buttons, etc.) into newsletters.

Aweber offers the most comprehensive set of HTML e-newsletter templates on the market. When you begin a new trial, you’ll be shown a massive range of designs that work on multiple types of email services, including classic landing pages and responsive HTML emails. Aweber allows you to create and send HTML e-newsletters for free. You can offer opt-out links to emails through the Payment Method Privacy Options feature, but you can’t limit which emails you send to a given contact’s inbox. The free option includes 10 templates with unlimited subscribers, and you can get a free trial account that will give you up to 1,000 subscribers. Aweber also offers a limited number of premium plans with unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, and more.


Aweber might not look as interesting as the others in this roundup, but the truth is that it’s the best option for most small to medium-sized businesses. Although there are a few areas where Aweber lags behind the competition, it’s still one of the best options for creating and distributing HTML emails. Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing services for small to medium-sized businesses because it has an excellent mix of features, support, and price. Aweber comes with a powerful set of templates, can integrate with other apps and services, and offers excellent pricing and an easy-to-use interface that’s free for your first three customers.

Some links on this website are affiliate marketing links, which means if you click on these links and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. This will not result in a higher cost to you.

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