LastPass Password Manager Review 2021

LastPass Review


Price: Free to join

Owners: LogMeIn, Inc.

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

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The Product

With LastPass Password Management you only have to remember one password, your master password. LastPass will do the rest. You can save new accounts while on the go and fill in passwords and forms with one click. Simplify password management and protect your identity while online.

Pros vs Cons


  • Free to Start
  • Low Premium Rates
  • Individual and Family Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Strong Encryption Algorithms (implemented AES-256 bit encryption)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Password Vault
  • Dark Web Monitoring (Premium)
  • Security Dashboard
  • Unlimited Device Type Access (Premium)


  • Trustpilot Review – 1.5
  • BBB Rating – F
  • Complaints are of Customer Service not Responding

Tools and Training

You can watch prerecorded webinars or sign up for an upcoming live event, or browse their extensive catalog of over 1,200 pre-integrated Single-Sign-On SSO apps.


24/7 access to their local library of self-help resources and the LastPass community.

The Plans and Prices

LastPass Free:

  • Easy to use password management for 1 device type (computer, phone, or tablet).
  • Includes a free 30-day trial of Premium.

LastPass Premium: $3/month

  • Unlimited access on all device types
  • Dark web monitoring continuously checks your email addresses against a database of breached credentials and immediately alerts you if they have been compromised.
  • Share passwords, notes, and other items with multiple people.
  • Easily update shared items and the changes will automatically sync to the recipients’ LastPass vault.
  • 1GB encrypted file storage.

LastPass Families: $4.00/month (6 premium licenses)

  • LastPass monitors your family’s email addresses continuously for involvement in data breaches.
  • Protects you even when you aren’t logged in.
  • Alerts you when sensitive information is compromised.
  • Access all devices
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Quick setup

LastPass Teams:  $4/user/month

  • The safe, simple way to manage passwords for your team.
  • Remove password obstacles.
  • Instantly add and remove team members.
  • Safely share passwords with others.
  • Give each employee their own vault for safeguarding passwords.
  • Store digital records: WiFi logins, software licenses, employee IDs, and more.
  • Set security controls and restrictions based on our team’s needs.
  • Keep passwords organized in one safe place.  Login to anything, without interrupting your workflow.
  • Dark web monitoring.

LastPass Business: $6/user/month

  • Includes all Temas features
  • Unlimited amount of users
  • 3 Single Sign-on (SSO) apps with basic Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • 1,200+ pre-integrated SSO apps
  • 100+ customizable policies
  • Admin dashboard
  • Flexible integrations
  • In-depth reporting

My Opinion

I started using LastPass in March 2021. I loved it. I have been trying to keep track of so many passwords on my own, that it was awesome to have this. When my free month was up, I upgraded to Premium for a year. There has been a couple of times the password wouldn’t work. However, it could be my own fault as a couple of places I had two accounts and I could have possibly used the wrong password for the account and had to go in and do the, “forgot my password”, routine. After that, I have not had any other issues. Before I started this review, I was going to give them a 9 out of 10. So, I plan to give them the benefit of the doubt and continue on with my plan.

UPDATE: 06-30-2021

You may know that not even a week after I made this post that I had a major issue.  I no longer can recommend LastPass.  When I choose a password manager again, I will make sure there is contact information for support.  So I do recommend that you search out what is best for you.

Who is LastPass for?

LastPass is for individuals, families, and businesses.  Anyone who doesn’t want to have to remember a password needs a password manager. I had so many to remember, I was trying to write myself notes giving me a hint as to what it was. When you have to use the “forgot my password” routine too many times to count, it’s time to use a password manager.



2 thoughts on “LastPass Password Manager Review 2021”

  1. Hey Connie,
    This is perfect for a person like me who always keeps forgetting her passwords haha! Currently I use Google Sheets to store all my passwords and it is working just fine but I may want to look into LastPass. I like that they are also free. Although their membership plans aren’t too pricey either.

    Does the platform itself has a password to keep all your passwords safe lol?


    • Hi Sasha,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, there is a main password for LastPass that you have to remember as the master password. It’s suggested not to store the master password. It is a big help to me.
      Thanks again,


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