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Hello friends,

Have you ever written a poem or lyrics for a song? If you love to write, it might be profitable to sell your lyrics online. I’ve written a couple of poems that were published in a book, and it was really exciting. I never dreamed of that happening. One of the poems was to my daughter and I called it, My Sunshine, My Friend. I wrote about her birth until growing up. Now she’s married. Lyrics can be funny, happy, or sad, but it usually expresses some type of emotion. Below, I want to share with you four places to which you can sell your lyrics online. Then you can decide if you think it is worth your time.

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Sell Your Lyrics Online – is it profitable?


Songbay has a great plan for those who want to sell their lyrics online. You start by subscribing to their monthly membership. They have four different plans ranging from an entry-level of $1.99 to the Ultimate Level of $9.99. You submit your lyrics and they review them for originality and emotional depth, and not just simply rhyming. If they do not accept your lyrics they will let you know the reason why.

At Songbay they do not take a royalty or percentage. You also get to set your own sale fees. You get to keep total control of your work.

If they accept your lyrics they will explain all the options and advise you as to what may be best to charge.

Benefits at Songbay

  • Your lyrics are published worldwide.
  • Flexible selling from a digital download to an entire copyright sale.
  • Copyright registration and protection for free.
  • Free completed legal contracts.

Sell your lyrics online picture 2 is a comprehensive online lyrics resource, and a vibrant music fans community, featuring hundreds of thousands of lyrics. To start you submit your lyrics with a form and $75.

Benefits at

  • Expedited review approved listing live within 5 business days.
  • Great exposure reaching the right audience.
  • Permanent listing.
  • Money-back guarantee if work is rejected.
  • You can subscribe for free to a community page with a personal editor page of your own.

Premium Lyrics

To start you need to have 10 pieces of work and register for a free account and submit an application. The lyrics are picked for originality and quality.


Rattle publishes unsolicited poetry and translations of poetry. Submissions are always welcomed and free. They like poems of any length. They look for poems that move them, are unique, insightful, and stand out. Rattle publishes about 300 poems each year.

Benefits of Rattle

  • Contributors in print receive $200/poem and a complimentary one-year subscription to the magazine.
  • Online contributors receive $100/poem.
  • All free submissions are automatic, $2,000 prize judged by the editors.


At this point, you may be wondering if you can make money selling your lyrics.  To me, it doesn’t look too good, unless of course, you write a lot of lyrics, and seen by someone who would like to publish them.

Some links on this site are affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will make a small commission.  This will not increase the cost to you in any way.

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Wealthy Affiliate

I can share with you another option if you want to make money online.  You can turn your writing and ideas into a lucrative online business.  At Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need any experience or technical knowledge. Everything you need to create and grow a business online is included.  You can take any passion and turn it into an online niche.

Wealthy Affiliate has more than 1,400,000 members and reaches 193 countries.  They’ve been in business for 16+ years.  Once you signup, you have full access to the training and community.  The training is detailed with step-by-step guidance and by lesson four you will have a website up and running.

Another advantage  –  it’s free to join and get started with the lessons. Click here to sign up!

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4 thoughts on “Sell Your Lyrics Online”

  1. Hello Connie,

    I was the lead guitarist of a band before in my single years and I remember we got to a point that we composed our own songs and performed them but never got to record.

    I am just glad to learn from your article that there are avenues that you can sell your lyrics and poems. I love how you outlined and explained each website where you can sell your creative works, their pros, and cons, how they work, and their requirements.

    It may not look like a lot of returns, but if it is your passion, why not?

    • Thank you, Lamuel,
      I’m glad you got some information about your passion with writing songs for your band. I like to write poems. I’ve had two published, but it was in a book about fibromyalgia. Most places I saw were publishing lyrics for music. I hope you can get your songs published.
      Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Connie,

    This is pretty awesome! Other than my blog, I’m always looking for freelance work. I hadn’t even thought to research selling lyrics online. I studied music in school and also took a few poetry courses so I might have to check a few of these options out and dig back into it.

    Songbay and Rattle seem to be the two I would go for. $1.99 isn’t bad to test it out and see what they think about my work! Thanks so much for the info!


    • Hi Haley,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad that it was helpful. I love to write poetry. I don’t do it a lot, but it’s fun to do. I hope you get a poem published. That would be awesome.

      Thanks again, I appreciate it.



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