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According to the Semrush content marketing survey, 78% of marketers stated that their content marketing team consists of only 1-3 specialists, requiring content creation to be outsourced at times.  Indeed content creation is a time-consuming task, and not all the companies have resources and money to write articles on their own.  Even once you decide to outsource content, you’ll face another challenge – finding a reliable, professional freelance writer and creating a brief. 

Moreover, before you start working with freelancers, you need to sign a contract and deal with other paperwork, like preparing invoices. You also need to control freelancers to make sure they respect deadlines and that your articles match all of the required criteria. Using SEMrush Content Marketplace, you can order traffic-driving content in a few clicks based on your needs.

What is SEMrush?

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO & content marketing platform, covering the entire process, including research, planning, content creation, and distribution. The platform aims to make it easy for marketers to get at a local level with their data and quickly boost their local businesses.

SEMrush is a content marketing platform that helps its customers identify keywords, analyze keyword density, and monitor performance. At the same time, it provides keyword tools, domain search, and related content tools, social search, keyword ranking analysis, and related tools that help its users quickly measure their content marketing performance.

SEMrush content marketing platform is one of the most popular content marketing platforms available. SEMrush is the world’s largest online platform for digital marketing research, analysis, and attribution. The content marketing research platform provides valuable insights into the online marketing strategies of the leading brands around the world.

As a database of over 50 billion pages on over 500,000 websites, SEMrush supports an easy-to-use interface with over 6 million users. When you are ready to build your first post, the platform helps you collect information about your audience through traditional and online marketing research. Using SEMrush, you can enhance your understanding of your audience’s behavior, spending habits, interests, and other important data that can be used to help you develop your content strategy. Once you have the knowledge, you can begin to write quality posts.

How does SEMrush work?

Anyone can create a content marketing plan for their business using the tools in the Semrush Content Marketplace. Once the business owner has purchased a writer, the writer will find suitable subjects for the job and submit them to the marketplace. Marketers can also assign the writer the task of writing articles for them. Once the marketing plan is completed, the content will be sent to the writers for approval and editing. SEMrush test of different tools, writers, and management through the SEMrush Content Marketplace, the business owners can get an opportunity to test different tools used for creating content. They can also test the quality of the writer’s work and how long it takes to respond. As per the company reports, the average response time to a message is two minutes.

To make the process easier, we provide a brief on what’s available in the content marketing marketplace and how to use SEMrush content marketing tools, so check it out. After you browse the marketplace, you’ll find services and content that are appropriate for your needs. SEMrush gets in touch with you via email to create a preliminary content writing brief. This is useful to determine the amount of content and specific topics you’d like to write about. It also includes detailed information about your main topics and qualifications. Once this is agreed upon, you can start the writing process.

Advantages of using SEMrush

Any modern global company, from Siemens to Toyota, can rely on Semrush to increase its visibility. The most important thing for every company is, of course, “is getting the visibility he wants?” This is where the Content Marketing platform of SEMrush comes in handy, offering an exceptional opportunity to attract all the targeted users, allowing you to concentrate on the marketing and selling aspect. With the help of a single platform, you’ll be able to manage your content marketing activities, decide the target audiences, and publish your content via the most effective mediums and channels.

Advantages of using SEMrush include: It’s very easy to register and order content. It’s free to start a marketplace account. It allows you to easily share your content and gain a reputation. It’s free to exchange links and backlinks to boost your content ranking. It offers search engine optimization tools like keyword research, competitor analysis, competitor rankings, website speed, content strategy, and much more. Besides, it enables you to schedule a delivery time of exactly when you need it. There is no extra cost for content creation, and it provides traffic generation and traffic monitoring tools to view and forecast the volume and cost.

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Features of SEMrush

There are two areas you should focus on when deciding on a content marketing tool – the bulk-ordering tool and the collaboration tools. The bulk-ordering tool is a simple tool allowing your sales team to fill in job orders to make sure that your work gets done on time. Through a variety of different collaboration tools, you can keep a tab on the progress of your sales team members and track the amount of time they’re spending on each task.

With advanced analytics, you can measure how many comments your company gets on each website or blog. SEMrush’s collaboration tools are actually part of its social publishing solution, providing you with an intuitive content marketing tool to improve your blog and manage your brand.

In SEMrush Marketplace, all the topics can be grouped into six categories to quickly find the best topics. Author profiles – Search by author name, editorial board, or language to find professional writers and writing services. Full-text search – Search by titles, keywords, content description, author names, or words in headings to find high-quality and relevant content quickly. Author Categories – Get multiple reviews from different services and authors in one location. Author Services – Choose how much you are willing to spend on a writer and/or how fast you are willing to receive the content. Customize page – Look through the categories, filters, and suggestions to save your time. It is simple to use. You can work with people from more than 100+ countries.  You may also have blind bidding and discounting. Avail free access to the site. Have a unique search, you can look for the best keyword combinations.

SEMrush offers a number of services, including the ability to browse and compare the job listings of qualified freelance writers. The platform offers a wide range of specialties, such as technology and content marketing. T

o make the selection process easier, you can filter the results based on the desired location (for instance, California, USA), skills (which includes writing, copywriting, SEO, etc.), and the desired rate. And, most importantly, the platform has both a grammar and spelling checker to ensure that you receive professional content. Writing samples and schedules are also available on the platform to help you select the perfect freelance writer. On the website, you can find writing samples to help you gauge the quality of the freelancer’s writing.

Rank Tracking

Ranking high on search engine results is one of the most competitive and expensive SEO strategies. But you can easily see how much the ranking effect affects your rankings in the SERPs. Using SEMrush Rank Tracking, you can monitor your ranking across thousands of different sites on a monthly basis. All these analytics tools will make your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy more efficient, efficient, and less time-consuming. These tools are very useful in every situation, from marketing to sales.

‘Rank tracking’ is the process of monitoring how your website performs in search engines for a particular keyword over time. It’s easy to set this up in SEMrush — you go to its position tracker section, enter a domain name and the keyword(s) you’d like to track, and you get a report showing you how your site is currently ranking for those keywords. You can also track on a per-country basis.

As time goes on, and more data about your site flows into SEMrush, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your attempts to rank more highly for your chosen phrases. You can also enter competitor website data into SEMrush’s position tracker tool, which allows you to compare (again, over time) how your site is performing for chosen keywords against those of your competitors.

And finally, you’ll get regular email updates on your rank tracking progress — for example, email notifications telling you when a particular piece of content has dropped out of the top 10 results for a specified phrase. All in all, the rank tracking functionality in SEMrush is strong — no complaints here.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis provides crucial insights regarding the quality of a website’s backlinks. This tool analyzes the quality of backlinks from different domains and will show how many links are relevant to your content.

The “Backlink Analysis” section in SEMrush lets you enter a domain name and view a list of all the backlinks it can find to it. You can also use this section to view: the anchor text used for each backlink, Top-level domain distribution (how many .com, .org., .gov links, etc. your site has), and information on the IP addresses of backlinks.  All the information is laid out very clearly and lets you see when a domain has gained or lost backlinks, along with the value of the links in question. You can use this information to improve your own SEO efforts or gain insights into a competitor’s.

How accurate SEMrush’s backlink analysis is, of course, depends on the size and quality of its link database. At the time of writing, SEMrush claims to have 43 trillion URLs in its link database, which if accurate compares positively with its key competitor Ahrefs (26 trillion), Majestic SEO (10 trillion), and Moz (41 trillion). If these figures are correct, this makes the SEMrush link database larger than those of key competitors, which means in theory you should get more comprehensive backlink data from the tool.

Link Building

Link Building can be categorized into 3 main aspects: Featured snippets, user engagement, and backlinks. Each one of those aspects has its own share of pros and cons. One of the standout features of Semrush is its link-building tool. link building — the process of getting other sites linking to yours — is absolutely vital to the success of any SEO project.

Similarly, search engines typically reward sites with more links pointing to them with higher positions in search results (so long as the links in question are located on high-quality, relevant websites). SEMrush’s link building tool works by determining who your competitors are and what they’re ranking for, examining the content on your site, asking you the keywords you want to rank for, and then surfacing a list of ‘prospect’ websites that it thinks is worth approaching for a backlink or guest post opportunity.

Interface and ease-of-use

The most important aspect of any e-commerce website is the conversion rate. You won’t come up with creative and engaging content if you have to spend hours creating it. That’s why the interface of the Content Marketing Platform is very simple, only displaying the titles of the articles and their deadlines. Since it’s an online marketplace, you can easily book an order and get an email with the link to the payer. There’s a fixed price for every piece of content on the website. That means you have no room for inaccuracies in your content, or not paying the talented writers. For instance, a “quickies” piece, written within two hours, will have the same cost as a long article written in two weeks.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush rates several different types of content: Content created by a freelancer, Regular articles written by experienced freelance writers, Full articles written by experienced freelance writers, FAQs written by experienced freelance writers, Guest posts written by experienced freelance writers, Idea generators written by experienced freelance writers, and Short written pieces on the topic provided by you.

The average prices are Regular articles: £0.98, Regular articles written by experienced freelance writers: £0.99, FAQs written by experienced freelance writers: £1.19, Full articles written by experienced freelance writers: £3.99, You can select between a monthly, yearly and a quarterly option for each type of content.


Content marketing has become a crucial part of the modern marketing strategy. If you don’t have a solid strategy in place and if you don’t have proper planning and content marketing strategy, your business will surely face setbacks and decline. The best thing to do is to have a content marketing plan, using these tools.

If you want to start your own online business, you can try Wealthy Affiliate for free, learning how to write content to help your customers.  When signing up with Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to all the training you need to become successful.  Give it a try and see what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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